Our site has been created as a reliable base of information for anyone who wants to lose weight healthily. We have examined chlorogenic acid weight loss pills. These pills are now widely advertised on the Internet and according to market surveys they of have reached the top of diet supplement sales. Can you actually lose weight with chlorogenic acid? Is it a good investment?

What to take into consideration when choosing chlorogenic acid tablets?

What to take into consideration when choosing chlorogenic acid tablets? Chlorogenic acid – effects
Green Coffee Bean Pure 6000 mg 20% CGA

Green Coffee Bean Pure 6000 mg 20% CGA

This product supposedly contains 6,000 mg of green coffee extract. The manufacturer guarantees a powerful drop in weight. Furthermore Green Coffee Bean Pure 6000 mg has been enriched with a high dose of natural polyphenols. But what is the truth?



With a high dose of chlorogenic acid ( at 800 mg) weight loss effects are accelerated without causing any side effects. Due to the increased amount of the pure green coffee bean extract, CGA800 tablets contain more antioxidants.



These chlorogenic acid tablets are advertised on the TV by Dr. Oz. They consist a of green coffee bean extract that is 50% rich in chlorogenic acid. Due to the support of the American nutrition adviser this product has become very popular. But what distinguishes these tablets from other chlorogenic acid tablets?

Green Coffee Plus Plus

Green Coffee Plus

The manufacturer states that these are the strongest of chlorogenic acid tablets available on the market. These tablets have an increased dosage of the active substance at up to four times of that of other chlorogenic acid slimming tablets.

Analysis of effectiveness

We invited forty people each of which tested selected chlorogenic acid products for 22 weeks.

Testing conditions:

  • participants were between 35 and 49 years of age
  • all participants had a Body Mass Index (BMI) at 25 to 49
  • participants had no other health problems (such as thyroid gland disorders or diabetes)
  • Women participants in the study were not pregnant or breastfeeding

Results of the effectiveness of the tablets of chlorogenic acid CGA

Wyniki skuteczności tabletek z kwasem chlorogenowym CGA